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Waste water

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waste water

In the testing of waste water, there are a couple of regulations to adhere to.

  1. Testing in accordance to PUB Requirements for discharge of trade effluent into the public sewers
  2. Testing in accordance to NEA Allowable Limits for Trade Effluent Discharge to Watercourse or Controlled Watercourse
  3. Testing of offshore vessel discharge in accordance to MARPOL or IMO requirements

The results of waste water testing enables:

  1. Implementation of measurement programs
  2. Identification of contaminants, efficiency and nutrient concentration
  3. Measurement of oxygen input
  4. Support for industrial self-monitoring

Samples tested includes

  • Onshore trade discharge to sewers
  • Discharge into watercourses
  • Grey water/Black water
  • Oily water separator
  • Bilge water
  • Sewage treatment plant discharge