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Treatment Water of Cooling Tower

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The NEA regulates the quality of water used in Cooling Towers in Singapore, under the provisions of the Environmental Public Health (Cooling Towers and Water Fountains Regulations). These regulations outline measures that must be put in place, such as cleaning, disinfection, and regular testing of water in cooling towers and water fountains. 

Cooling towers are used in many commercial buildings and factories, whether for comfort cooling or industrial process cooling. When a cooling tower is in operation, water aerosols are emitted from the top of the cooling tower, along with exhaust air.  Cooling towers which are not adequately maintained and disinfected could generate water aerosols with undesirable chemicals and Legionella bacteria. With such contaminated water aerosols potentially coming into contact with the general public, they could possibly cause serious health issues such as Legionellosis infection.

Under NEA regulations, it is mandatory to test for TPC every month and every quarterly for Legionella. Eurofins is able to perform sampling and testing for cooling towers to ensure that the cooling system are safe and  Legionella free. In a way, we are in the first line of defence to the general public health and safety.