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Environment Testing

Eurofins Singapore provides laboratory testing, monitoring and related services to a wide range of industrial companies, contractors, water treatment companies and government authorities. Our services comprise testing of water, waste and other products to assess their quality and impact on public, health and environment. Environmental laboratory testing expertise includes testing of:

  • Potable Drinking water (as per WHO, PUB, US EPA regulations)
  • Water tanks, tap points (WHO, PUB, US EPA)
  • Drinking water/Mineral water (as per AVA import requirements)
  • Swimming pool, spa, Jacuzzi (as per NEA governmental regulations)
  • Water Fountain, water features, cooling tower water (as per NEA governmental regulations)
  • Industrial trade effluent, waste water (as per PUB or NEA governmental regulations)
  • Vessel waste water (as per MARPOL/IMO regulations)
  • DI water, catchment water
  • Boiler and chiller water
  • Sea water, Ballast water (as per USCG VGP/IMO requirements)

Based on the results, we also offer a independent testing and the technical advice to ensure a healthy environment and for the industries to comply with the local and international regulations.