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Swimming pool water / Water parks

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  • The National Environment Agency (NEA) licenses all public swimming pools in Singapore, which include pools located within Sport Singapore complexes, condominiums, hotels, clubs, and educational institutions. public pools must comply with the requirements stipulated in the Environmental Public Health (Swimming Pool) (Amendment) Regulations. Licensees must maintain the cleanliness of their pools, and ensure that the pool water quality complies with the standards stipulated in the regulations.
  • SS 556, aquatic facilities are defined as man-made bodies of water used for sport, recreation, or therapeutic water activities. They are classified into various categories such as swimming pools, leisure pools, wave pools, wading pools, water slides, spa pools, hydrotherapy/physiotherapy pools, water playgrounds, and so on
  • Eurofins is able to test swimming pool water for chemical and bacteriological quality at least once a month under Environmental Public Health (Swimming Pool) (Amendment) Regulations required by the NEA.
  • We are also accredited for the sampling for the swimming pool under the local SAC Singals authority.